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Tadalafil Oral Strip Nigeria according to UNESCO report of 2011 has the highest number of school dropouts in the world. Who is actually responsible for the education of the children or citizens of Nigeria? The answer can be chorused as the government of Nigeria. That is absolutely right. What we find more in Nigeria are trumpeted policies, mega programs with nice acronyms, rushed committees, recurrent school system reclassification with zero effect on schools and pupils meant to benefit from these follies.

The effects of embezzlement in highly funded projects and the non-implementations are highly visible when you take a tour around the public schools in Nigeria. You will notice the grand design of deliberate brain sterilization of children who are drawn to these mundane academic enclaves or ghettos. From the dilapidated structures that greet you, to poorly dressed school children ranging from torn filthy uniforms to zero uniforms. Children resort to taking their lessons on the floor where benches have become luxuries. You find lots of improvisation from these children where they convert collapsed structure blocks to act as stands to planks that will act as their writing platforms. There are open classrooms habouring various classes with teachers struggling to get the attention of their pupil who are ‘privileged’ to be listening to multiple lessons at a time.

The total abandonment of public schools by the middle class Nigerians in preference for private schools can be measured by the upsurge of these schools on every nook and cranny in our neighborhoods. Despite the inadequate or most times lack of playgrounds in private schools unlike in public schools, it is most logical choice to sacrifice play for quality education from qualified teachers. Education has thus been priced out of the reach of many Nigerians and because of this divide, most education policy makers already have their wards in these private schools thus being nonchalant about the refocus or reorganization of public schools. There lies the apathy on the part of policy makers.

We may separate our children’s schools but we cannot create a different society for them. Sooner or later the public school dropouts will seek equity from our established and professional children. There is a correlation to the crime ratio of a society to the education of its citizenry.  It is the total empowerments of individuals in a nation that determines its greatness, growth and of course its prosperity. Education is that empowerment and the surety to swing from grass to grace. It is therefore our responsibility as a society to substitute the guns of tomorrow with pens today rather than do nothing and be hostage to a hostile environment we could have averted. We can help build an informed, capable and better workforce thus making our economy viable with safer streets. There is need for us to come together to subtly mount pressure on our representatives in government to do more for our education system based on our individual and crowd funded projects.

Our value system as a nation needs to be recalibrated giving recognition to those assisting in uplifting our society and our people not to those being fattened and made by their offices.

Our hearts and sympathy normally go to the children who pass through these inhumane educational conditions and most times we want to act but are really confused on where to start facing the hydra-headed and moribund situation.

We believe that if we all show a little act of generosity ranging from little infrastructural repairs, school uniforms, school shoes, books, school fees, teaching materials, benches, socks, food, drugs or even sparing our time to talk or teach will really go a long way to give these children succor and hope.

http://thermograve.co.uk/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://thermograve.co.uk/news/ like this  If you think you are too small to make a difference, sleep in same room with a mosquito.

Eduswing is Nigeria’s first crowd funding website with the sole aim of giving every Nigerian child a good education. We are aware many of us might have been involved in this form of assistance quietly and we applaud your humility. Eduswing brings these notable Nigerians and causes to the public’s eye first to appreciate their efforts and secondly to spur others to join in salvaging our educational system. We encourage you to take up your cameras and pens to inform us at eduswing the educational situations you may want to be crowd funded in your area or to report events of such generosity towards encouraging education.

Education builds our critical reasoning, awareness and conscience. Restore hope in our educational system by giving in any form and no matter how little directly or through crowd funding.

Eduswing………. The swing to better education

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