Community High School Obioma

Community High School Obioma, Udi. Enugu State








Classrooms Constructions Matching uniform and school band
Chairs, Desks And Tables. Sports and playground facilities
Urinary And Toilets Computers
Writing Boards Staff Room Furnishing
Texts books excluding Maths and English
Windows and doors

The school needs the administrative block to be furnished,renovations of the classes,computers to enhance computer studies,toilets and urinary. There is also a need for a library and laboratory. Many students are eager to learn but poor parents can’t provide them with textbook. Owning a library can help them out in many ways.
The school classrooms needs demarcations, the windows and doors are infested with termites

Most of the Students cant afford school uniforms

The staff room and the classes all need Furnishing and Renovations.

There are very few chairs, desks and tables which won’t contain all the students.

Urinary and toilets are collapsing.

Writing boards

The students are yet to see what a computer looks like

There is no library

Texts books excluding Maths and English


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