State Primary School Nsude


State Primary School Nsude, Udi L.G.A: State Primary School Nsude, Udi , Enugu State






 1959  92



Complete School Roofing Matching uniform and school band
Chairs, Desks And Tables. Sports and playground facilities
Urinary And Toilets Computers
Writing Boards Staff Room Furnishing
Texts books excluding Maths and English
Windows and doors

Established in 1959 and has been fully operational but presently has a population of 92 pupils. The State Primary School Nsude, used to be the most populated in the neighborhood until the buildings started dilapidating about five years ago. Due to its present state, there is massive reduction of pupils in the school, more than half if not all the roofs have separated from their buildings. Pupils are beaten daily by rain and sunshine making learning a nightmare. About 95% pupils have dropped out of the school and with most of them just sitting at home doing nothing because their parents can’t afford better schools. Parents whose kids attend this school are mainly peasant farmers because School fees are free.

The school needs complete re-roofing of the two buildings, the windows and doors are infested with termites

Most of the Students can’t afford school uniforms

The classes all need Furnishing and Renovations.

There are very few chairs, desks and tables which won’t contain all the students.

Urinary and toilets are collapsing.

Writing boards

The students are yet to see what a computer looks like

There is no library

Texts books excluding Maths and English

The school needs a couple of things renovated and classes needs to be demarcated to enhance concentration of pupils in their respective classes. It is a terrible experience to study in a very noisy environment. Four teachers teach simultaneously in an open class of just about 30 meters square. The school has no toilet nor urinary, the present toilet and urinary is a conduit for spreading diseases.

There are little or no benches the students; teachers equally have no tables and chairs for themselves. There is no staff room and the school is short staffed with only 10 teachers handling both the nursery and primary sections.

The water storage tank that was donated by a good indigene of the community hardly has water due to poor patronage and neglect from the community. Most parents also find it hard to afford school uniforms and foot wears and as such, there is no uniformity amongst students. They attend school in their casual wears and the few with school uniforms, have it in a very bad state. Most of the pupils have never seen a computer and since that is the major operational instrument of the 21st century, exposing them to it would be a source of encouragement.

Textbooks are supplied by the government and students can only use it during school hours as parents are solely responsible for their exercise books. Despite all these challenges, the school performs amazingly well in the common entrance and first school leaving certificate exams and also quizzes amongst community schools and local government schools.

Your assistance to this school directly or through crowd funding will make great impact on our society. Support the project.

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