State Primary School Nsude


Attended by more than 92 children, all from poor background in Nsude village who can’t really afford the fees of  private school. This school has two hall-like buildings of which, both  are in very bad conditions. The roof is collapsing and licking in every conner. From the way it looks now, its possible it might come down on the poor kids that are trying so hard to study and make something out of themselves in future.

As Drops Of Water Make An Ocean, So Can Your Little Contributions Make A Great Impact To The Less Priveledged.

Be Part Of The Reform In Our Education.

Support Eduswing to help this kids and provide them with a better reading environment.


135 pcs of 2 x 4x 18 @ 900 N121,500
16 pcs of 3 x 4 x 12 @600 N9,600
50 pcs of 2 x 4 x 12 @400 N20,000
240 pcs of 1 x 10 x 12 @250 N60,000
16 bundles of zinc @8500 N136000
11pcs 6m Ridge Caps @1100 N12,100
10 packets of Zinc Nail @1000 N10,000
13 packets of Nail Gaskets @300 N3,900
11/2 bags of 4 Nail @5000 N7,500
16 lbs. of 3 Nail @120 N1,920
1 Rolls of binding wire @3500 N3,500
Labour And Transport  N80,000
Total Amount Needed For The Projects                                                                       N466,020

We solicit your support with any of these materials and again, request that you make out time to visit the project site within the duration of work. 

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